The South Australian Country Fire Service Volunteers Association

The South Australian Country Fire Service Volunteers Association (CFSVA) represents the interests and welfare of Country Fire Service (CFS) Volunteers.

Established in 1984 it was formed from the amalgamation of a number of localized firefighter associations across the state.

The CFSVA is established on legislation and has become a significant stakeholder within CFS, the SA Fire and Emergency Service Commission (SAFECOM) and the SA volunteer community.

The CFSVA represents the interest of CFS volunteer members through:

• Political advocacy on all levels
• Close liaison with the CFS Board and executive
• Participation on CFS and SAFECOM committees
• Nominating representative to the SAFECOM advisory board
• Close liaison with the SASES Volunteer Association and the United Firefighters Union (SA)
• Visiting CFSVA Branches and CFS groups and Brigades
• Active communication through CFSVA Branches to groups and Brigades.

The CFSVA works to move the association towards its desired vision, and through the work of CFS volunteers achieve a safer South Australia.

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